Protect Your Wealth for Future Generations

A Dynasty Trust, also known as a generation-skipping trust, holds assets in trust for multiple generations. The primary advantage is to avoid distribution taxes, estate taxes, inheritance taxes, transfer taxes, and other future taxes.

The State of Nevada has adopted laws that allow the assets of U.S. and non-U.S. citizens to remain in a trust, not subject to distribution for up to 365 years. In most cases, the trusts are also designed to protect assets from potential future creditors of the beneficiaries.

The Dynasty Trust is a powerful estate planning tool for families who want to avoid excessive taxation when passing the ownership of valuable family assets. Due to the length of time assets remain in trust the use of a financial institution to serve as the trustee at some point is warranted.

Alliance Trust Company is a qualified financial institution available to serve in various capacities as trustee or in trust administration services.

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