A Coach's Final Wish: A Memorable Dinner

Described as a mentor, teacher, and second father to many of his players during his historic career, by all accounts Dean Smith was a very decent man.  He coached the University of North Carolina basketball team to two National Championships and was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest award granted to civilians in the United States.  When he passed away last month at age 83, many gathered together paid their respects.  Now, thanks to the coach’s estate plan, there will be another excuse for his players to gather.  The trustee has written all of the lettermen of Dean Smith’s team that his estate plan included a provision for his former players to enjoy a nice dinner out, with $200 checks sent to each of them – a total of over $35,000.   While this may surprise some, a solid estate plan can accomplish a wide variety of wishes – in this case, a desire to recognize his players after passing.  A trust is an extremely flexible document, and Nevada is considered to have some of the best (most flexible)  trust laws in the country.  For more information, call Alliance at 775-297-40000.

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