Awareness of NING Trusts Growing Nationally

Nevada Incomplete Non-Grantor Trusts (or, “NINGs”) are growing in popularity and usage across the country. NINGs provide the grantor of the trust asset protection and the potential to minimize local and state income taxes on investable/intangible assets.  As this Article on NINGS, these types of trusts are not for everyone.

However, a family living in a high-income tax state with significant taxable income and appreciated investments (or investments expected to appreciate) can benefit from a NING. This is just one of many Nevada trust planning strategies that makes Nevada the Asset Protection Trust Rankings. If you are interested in learning more about NINGs, please read this article by attorney Gordon Schaller and call Alliance Trust Company in Reno at 775-297-4000.

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  1. Please send me the article. I have a UHHW family member in Massachusetts. How do they set up a NING Trust?

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