NING Trusts for California

Many methods of income tax planning focus primarily on reducing federal tax liability. Individuals living in high state tax jurisdictions, such as California, also seek to mitigate state income tax. 

With some state income tax rates as high as 13.3%, it can be a significant burden for those with considerable income-generating assets. Establishing a NING trust may help reduce the state tax liability.

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Using NING Trusts to Significantly Reduce State Income Tax Liabilities

Why Wealthy Families are Choosing to Shift Their Wealth to the Tax-Favored State of Nevada

The state of Nevada is considered a tax-favored environment, allowing maximum tax protection over trusts and estates. That’s just one of the reasons why more and more people are choosing Nevada to establish their trusts.

The “NING” trust or Nevada Incomplete-gift Non-Grantor trust reduces state income tax liabilities and simultaneously provides asset protection benefits.

For people with substantial income, assets, or large capital gains who could generate significant Federal and state income tax shifting a trust from its current state to a state with more favorable tax laws, such as Nevada, could create significant income tax savings.

While moving to Nevada would allow someone to take advantage of these benefits, relocating family is often not an option. However, by establishing a NING and transferring assets from the existing trust into the NING, the trust will only face Federal capital gains taxes.

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Alliance Presentations in San Diego – Recap of the Gathering

Last month Alliance Trust presented at the Southern California Institute’s annual “Gathering” of elite advisors from around the country in San Diego.  The topics of the two-day seminar included a panel debating the best family trust jurisdictions, and various methods and strategies to minimize and reduce estate, state, and federal income taxes.

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Awareness of NING Trusts Growing Nationally

Nevada Incomplete Non-Grantor Trusts (or, “NINGs”) are growing in popularity and usage across the country. NINGs provide the grantor of the trust asset protection and the potential to minimize local and state income taxes on investable/intangible assets.  As this Article on NINGS, these types of trusts are not for everyone.

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Alliance Trust Proud to Participate in Prestigious UCLA Law Panel

Alliance Trust Company of Nevada recently participated in a 90-minute discussion panel covering the topics of asset protection planning and the impact of the Uniform Voidable Transfer Act (UVTA).

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The California Budget and Future Income Tax Outlook – NINGs Anyone?

As this article in the Economist just noted, another attempt to diversify the tax base in California failed when lawmakers passed a $115 billion dollar budget on June 19th.  The revenues recognized by the state continue to be highly cyclical, and dependent on high-income earners and capital gains.  With a recovering economy, things are currently going well in the Golden State.  However, the portion of the revenue raised via income taxes is cyclical) continues to increase and the top 1% of wage earners pay over half of the taxes in the state.  All of this suggests that future taxation policies in California will not change, and the chances of Proposition 30’s higher tax rates sun setting in 2018 is next to zero.  If you are in a high tax bracket in California, one strong option to consider is to move your intangible assets (investments) to Nevada via trust.  As its own tax-paying entity in Nevada, your family trust (a NING Trust)  would not be subject to California taxation. Please call Alliance Trust in Reno at 775-297-4000 for more information.  Nevada has some of the best and most flexible trust laws in the country – it is worth a phone call to find out if Nevada has options for your family.

Updating an Antiquated Family Trust in Nevada

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Many people are beneficiaries of family trusts that have antiquated terms and provisions that no longer make sense.  Yet many people also believe that they are “stuck” with the terms of the trust and that they simply have to live with the terms regardless of moving forward.  This is not true.  Certain states, including Nevada, allow for modifications to be made to even an irrevocable trust.  Modifications can be made to extend the term of the trust, change the situs of the trust, and add or modify powers of appointment.  As this recent Forbes magazine article points out, you might even save taxes for the trust as part of this process.  Nevada is considered to have some of the best trust laws in the country and has very flexible statutes for modifying trusts.  For more information, call Alliance at 775-297-4000.

Nevada Trusts That Trim Your State Income Tax

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The Wall Street Journal recently wrote about a popular strategy involving trusts in Nevada and a handful of other states.  The NING trust, which stands for “Nevada Incomplete Non-Grantor” Trusts shifts investments from the home state to Nevada, which has no state-level income tax.  For people in California and other high-tax states, this can be a very powerful strategy.  As the article notes, there are a few considerations and risks, but for those with sizable portfolios, and angel and venture capital investments, using a NING to hold these investments can trim or even eliminate local-level taxes.  Nevada is considered the best state in the country to establish your family trust and has received an A+ from Forbes magazine for its trust laws.  You do not have to live in Nevada to establish a trust here.  Please call Alliance Trust in Reno at 775-297-4000 for more information.

State of the Union to Propose Stealth Increase of Estate Taxes


The Wall Street Journal and numerous other media outlets are reporting that the State of the Union address on Tuesday will outline a proposal by the President to effectively increase estate taxes.  In the proposal, appreciated assets in an estate would not receive an updated or “stepped up” tax basis on death.  Only a small amount of gains suggested as $200,000 in portfolio assets and $500,000 in a primary residence would be shielded from tax.  Although these numbers may seem large, ask many families what their tax-cost basis is in desirable places to live, such as Silicon Valley and other parts of California, and you will see that this proposal would capture many more families with a taxable event on death even without a formal change to the estate tax rules.  There are many estate planning strategies that can help families facing estate tax burdens.  Some of the best strategies use Nevada Trusts – the best state for asset protection and tax minimization.  Please call Alliance at 775-297-4000 for more information.

Nevada – Best for Asset Protection Trusts

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The State of Nevada has some of the finest and most flexible trust laws in the country, and you don’t have to live in Nevada to establish and benefit from a Nevada Trust.  By using a Nevada trust, you can better protect your family and charitable interest for generations to come.  Tax savings are also possible in certain situations.  In this recent Trusts and Estates magazine article, the 15 states which offer asset protection trusts are listed and detailed.  When you look at the key factors to selecting where to establish your family trust, Nevada checks all the important boxes.  For more information, call Alliance at 775-297-4000.

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