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Alliance’s pride is in its people. Although the pandemic has shuttered many businesses and downsized others, Alliance Trust Company’s doors remain open, and the company continues to grow and expand. We’ve more than doubled our staff in the past three years to meet demand, investing in the best and brightest stars to add to our team.

We’re proud to highlight our team and show what makes us different than any other trust company you’ve ever seen. We Are Nevada.™

Meet Natasha.

Natasha Davis is Alliance’s Executive Director of Client Development, responsible for client interactions and educating the public on the benefits of utilizing Alliance’s trust services.

Natasha joined Alliance in July 2021 and quickly became a core team member, shining brightly with her charisma and extensive wealth planning knowledge.

We asked her a few questions about her job, life, and passions. Here’s what she had to say:

What Brought You to Alliance?

Prior to working at Alliance, I practiced law in Washington state starting in 2008. After moving south in 2019 to be closer to family, I briefly worked in Wealth Planning for a bank. I had referred several clients to Alliance and became familiar with the leadership and how they worked. The team atmosphere attracted me because they were all so knowledgeable of the various client scenarios and offered valuable perspectives to the conversations based on their backgrounds and experience.

This was important to me as I believe in professionals working together towards a client’s goals; communication is key to making a plan work. When I informed Alliance that I was leaving the banking industry and going back into private practice, they extended an offer I could not refuse. It was an easy decision because I knew the team already; I respected their work and knew it would be a good fit based on our working history.

What is Your Favorite Part of Working at Alliance?

While the team at Alliance is exceptionally diverse in our backgrounds, we all have a very similar set of values. It is hard to create a warm corporate culture in a COVID world, but Alliance has managed to do so. 

It’s the little things. For example one of our Trust Officers tells a daily Dad Joke; there are hourly offers to help each other out on the team messaging app; and the fact that every person in the firm wears multiple hats every day, happily.

This really is a team, and it shows daily in a way I have never experienced in a corporate setting. The leadership and owners are involved at every level and willing to help regardless of the task.

What is Something Most People Do Not Know About You?

I took eight years of French and even had three years of pure French lecture in undergrad, where my professors didn’t even speak English. Although my French is embarrassingly rusty twenty years later, I often binge-watch French comedies while working out. 

Where is Your Favorite Place to Travel? 

Anyplace with warm beaches and sunshine. My son and I try to make an annual trip to Cabo to do some deep-sea fishing. It keeps our freezer full of great food for the year and allows us to relax in the sun. I consider myself a COVID golfer since I only just started, so anyplace with golf is beginning to be the new travel favorite.

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