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Alliance’s pride is in its people. Although the pandemic has shuttered many businesses and downsized others, Alliance Trust Company’s doors remain open, and the company continues to grow and expand. We’ve more than doubled our staff in the past three years to meet demand, investing in the best and brightest stars to add to our team.

We’re proud to highlight our team and show what makes us different than any other trust company you’ve ever seen. We Are Nevada.™

Meet Shanna.

Shanna Coressel is a Senior Trust Officer, heading up one of our service teams managing hundreds of trusts for Alliance. She is responsible for ensuring that the terms of the various trust accounts are followed, and in doing so that the wishes of the trust grantors are fulfilled. She is talented, energetic, and charismatic – often ending morning meetings with a daily “dad joke” to get everyone in a good mood. Responsive and full of personality, Shanna is a valuable member of the Alliance family. We asked her about her life, experiences, and inspirations. Here’s what she had to say.

What Brought You to Alliance?

What brought me to Alliance? Excellent question! I have been in the financial services industry for thirty-three years and the trust business for almost thirty. I’ve been in Reno for nearly twenty years and have worked in the trust industry locally for fourteen years. After being in the same position at the same company for so long, I decided it was time for a change of scenery.

I was impressed with Alliance from seeing them at various estate planning council meetings and learning about their growth. Another thing I was interested in was that they also did a lot of different types of trusts I hadn’t been exposed to, primarily the international aspect. I decided that moving to Alliance would be a great opportunity to continue my career, continue growing, and share what I know.

Mike And Shan
The love of my life, Mike.

What is Your Favorite Part of Working at Alliance?

This is going to be such an old answer, but it’s the amazing people! It’s the family that we’ve created.

It’s interesting that when I worked at my former company, I was the oldest employee. And when I first came to Alliance I was, too, but now I’m happy to say we have people between the ages of sixty to twenty-three and everywhere in between. We really do cover several generations, but we all work very well together. People that are those varying ages are from management to interns, and some of the older people are employees of the others. There’s so much respect amongst everybody regardless of their role.

If someone doesn’t know something, they don’t fake it; they’ll reach out and get help or say, “I don’t know the answer, but show me how and I’ll do it.” It’s a willingness for everybody to learn and chip in, and it’s just awesome.  The people– we really care about each other—from both a professional and personal standpoint.

Another thing is that management also realizes that their employees are their biggest asset. We’re also the most expensive asset, too (laughs), but that’s okay. We are a people business, and it shows.

What is Something Most People Do Not Know About You?

I share way too much information about myself, so this is a little hard for me to come up with. Here’s a couple, though: when I was a child, I wanted to join the carnival. I thought it would be so much fun to travel to different towns, to ride the rides, to eat all the junk food, you know.

Not that anybody persuaded me not to, I think life just told me that it probably wasn’t the best career choice for me.

Another one is that I actually lettered in speech and debate in high school. I competed and received awards, and despite that, I still have a fear of speaking in front of people!

Jessie Helping Me Work
My work-from-home helper, Jessie.

Who in Your Life has Influenced You the Most, and How?

That would be one of my sisters. I’m the youngest of eight kids; my dad was fifty-six and my mom was forty-two when I was born. My dad passed away when I was four and my mom never remarried, and she passed away when I was fifteen. I went to live with one of my older sisters and brother-in-law. She was a special ed teacher and he was a social worker before retiring; I chose very wisely because I was an “acting out teen” as my brother-in-law called it. That was the official term.

But they’ve been such an influence in my life as far as wanting to help people; that’s what they’ve done their whole lives. I think that’s why I have such a passion for working with Special Needs Trusts and volunteering while being a good citizen. I also think that what we do within the trust world is so important because we help people. We help people’s children, grandchildren – we help them to be good stewards of society, and I think that’s just so important.

As I said, I’ve really been blessed. Although I lost my parents at such a young age, I have such a wonderful family. I have older brothers and sisters to fall back on. I am so very grateful for the love and support I have had my entire life.

One thought on “Employee Spotlight: Shanna Coressel, Senior Trust Officer

  1. What an honest, from the heart , employee spotlight interview you gave, Shan! No one can doubt that by putting clients first, you are doing what is best for Alliance.
    We are very proud of you and your accomplishments!

    One proud sibling and spouse from the older set of siblings who have tried to be supportive.
    Love you

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