Wealthy Americans Fear Being Targeted for Wealth

When Silicon Valley executive Tom Perkins recently commented on the perceived persecution being felt by the wealthy in the current climate in America, he was widely criticized for his comments (and choice of analogy).  Yet a few others, including Sam Zell, agreed with his general perception of the vilification of the rich.  It doesn’t seem so long ago that people toasted the young, brash technology companies as “industry disruptors.”  My, how things have changed – Time magazine has gone so far to suggest that San Francisco is now “Resentment City.”  Vandals in one prominent Silicon Valley town are spray painting “F— the 1%” on homes and automobiles – the FBI is aiding local police in the investigation.

Not surprisingly, a new survey shows that the wealthy in Silicon Valley and across the country are anxious about the environment and are trying to be more inconspicuous.  We see this in the growing interest in flexible Nevada Trusts, most particularly asset protections trusts funded with using the anonymity of a Nevada LLC for families who have concerns and value privacy.  Call Alliance Trust at  775-297-4684 for more information.

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