Estate Planning Documents

A trust is an important part of almost every estate plan.  A trust is a much more cost-effective way to transfer property from one generation to the next.  A typical estate plan will include a packet of documents, including a revocable living trust and will, a financial power of attorney and an advance healthcare directive.  Together these documents make sure that your affairs are properly managed by someone you trust if you become incapacitated or pass away.  The advantages of a trust as opposed to a simple will are numerous:  your assets are transfer outside of probate (privacy), they are transferred faster and the administrative burdens on loved ones is minimized.  But what if you don’t have an obvious family member to serve as trustee?  A corporate trustee, such as Alliance Trust, can perform the same functions, utilizing a team of people with decades of experience to settle your estate.  In this article, tips for selecting a good corporate trustee are listed. Alliance Trust in Nevada offers trustee services in Nevada, which offers some of the best laws in the country for trusts and estate planning.

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