Nevada Directed Trustee for U.S. and International Families

We established Alliance Trust Company to provide Nevada-based services to the clients of nonaffiliated financial, wealth, and investment advisors who have performed valuable services and maintained relationships with their clients for decades.

What is a Directed Trustee?

A directed trust is a Nevada trust whereby other members of the trust direct the trustee in implementing the trust’s execution. That specific trustee is the directed trustee.

Who Needs a Directed Trustee?

Although trusts provide incredible asset protection benefits, many wealthy families are hesitant to give their corporate trustees full control over all decisions. In these instances, a directed trust is useful because it allows you to appoint an individual or firm to work with the directed trustee as an advisor on specific administrative decisions, such as distributions to beneficiaries or investment manager selection. Even when a family has a longstanding relationship with an experienced corporate trustee, there are many scenarios where they might feel more comfortable having a directed trustee. An example is a concern over the voting of stock in family businesses. In other cases dealing with sensitive and personal matters, such as the care for a child with special needs, the family might want a directed trustee who is more familiar with the situation.

A directed trustee allows you to benefit from the stability and experience of your corporate trustee while having peace of mind that key decisions are made with independent advisement.

Our Approach

Many advisors are considered the primary advisor to clients and are the “quarterback” of the wealth management team. Alliance Trust Company, which was founded by former financial advisors and not former bankers, understands the needs of advisors who seek professional trustee services from a trustee who does not attempt to interfere with the primary relationship with the client.

Alliance Trust Company works with the client and advisor in a supporting role that best fits the needs of the existing client/advisor relationship while adding the benefits of Nevada planning strategies.

For more information on the advantages of having a Directed Trustee, please contact Alliance Trust Company.

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