Professional Asset Management

U.S. and international clients unaffiliated with a financial advisor may utilize Alliance Trust Company as a full discretionary trustee.

As a discretionary trustee, Alliance Trust Company is responsible for the management of the assets held in a trust, as well as all of the administrative duties performed by the trustees.

Investment needs and objectives vary according to the needs and performance objectives of each unique client. If the governing trust instrument allows, Alliance Trust Company may sometimes seek outside advisors to meet particular client needs for asset management to ensure the best interest of the client.

Many trusts contain tightly held family assets such as farms, businesses, and real estate properties. Often, the beneficiaries of these trusts wish to hold the treasured family assets and do not want the trustee to sell and invest in a securities portfolio. Alliance Trust Company can hold and support such trusts that contain tightly held family assets and provide trustee services at a reasonable cost.

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